Buju Banton – Optimistic Soul

Buju Banton (born Mark Anthony Myria July 15 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica), is a Jamaican dancehall-, ragga-, and reggae musician.

Buju Banton Rasta Got Soul Album

Buju Banton Rasta Got Soul (2009)

Buju Banton became popular in Jamaica in 1992 and was one of 1990’s biggest dancehall artists. In the mid-’90s, he became increasingly religious, and much of his music has since been inspired by the Rastafari movement.
Among his many songs one of the best known is “Boom Bye Bye”, a suspected homophobic song that was released in 1992, and received strong criticism. Buju Banton was prevented from entering into certain countries and play, and later apologized about his choice of homophobic lyrics.

In December 2009 it emerged that Banton arrested for cocaine possession in The USA. Many artists such as Sizzla, showing their support by wearing “free Buju Banton” t-shirts and some have released some songs dedicated to Buju Banton.

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